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Top 20 Drug Treatment Centers in United States

There are more than 14,500 drug treatment centers in the US. A wide range of treatment options suggests endless treatment possibilities for addicts to get over drug addiction. However, thousands of rehab facilities can make it extremely difficult for an individual to choose the right center to seek addiction treatment.

One of the first steps towards successful recovery is identifying the best treatment center. The best centers have a record of high success rate in treating addiction cases.

Here are the top 20 drug rehab clinics in the US.

1- The Caron Foundation  | Wernersville, Pennsylvania

The Caron Foundation is among the most successful drug treatment clinics in the US. It started when its founder, Richard Caron, made his home a retreat for people in the recovery process. Later on, he bought a property in Pennsylvania where the treatment facility is headquartered.

Today, it is a renowned non-profit foundation in the USA with rehab clinics in Florida and Texas. The Caron utilizes an all-inclusive approach that promotes quick recovery for their patients. For instance, it has a 12-step recovery program as well as a unique relapse program. Besides, the foundation works closely with leading medical clinics in the country to advance the efficacy of some treatment approaches.


2- Hazelden Betty Ford | Center City, Minnesota

This nationwide center is one of the well-known and most successful drug rehabilitation centers in the United States. Hazelden has many subsidiaries from the east to the west coast that offer addiction treatment. The organization uses specialized programs, the conventional 12-step program, and evidence-based treatment for patients depending on the identified mental illness.

To achieve the best result, Hazelden Betty Ford recommends for residential treatment of at least 90 days. The center has a reported recovery rated of 80%. This is made possible by having a multidisciplinary treatment team and a low counselor-patient ratio.


3-Asana Recovery | Costa Mesa, California

Located in Orange County, CA near the coast, Asana Recovery offers a relaxed and modern setting. The facility focuses on comprehensive and personalized intervention plans for every client. It blends alternative and traditional treatment methods while offering practice and structure that inspires their clients. This rehabilitation facility helps patients to understand and accept their addictions. Besides, it guides them on how to live a productive life.


4- Ocean Breeze Recovery | Pompano Beach, Florida

This facility is one of the best rehabilitation centers in South Florida. Located at Pompano Beach, the center offers individualized treatment to accommodate the needs of all their clients. This treatment approach is based on a philosophy that focuses on healing every individual as a whole. This is achieved by delivering kind-hearted treatment for the spirit, body, and mind.

Ocean Breeze Recovery caters to the needs of various clients by offering different specialized therapy options and treatment programs. These include gender-specific care, intensive outpatient and inpatient intervention, and yoga therapy. The center has a team of licensed and certified professionals who are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral addictions and co-occurring disorders.


5- Phoenix House | New York

Phoenix House is among the addiction rehab centers in the US that offer ongoing support and affordable treatment to patients. This rehab center was founded in 1967 by six heroin addicts who were trying to stay away from drugs. Today, it has more than one hundred specialized programs and eleven treatment centers throughout the US. The facility has specialists who are well-versed in addiction and related disorders.


6- St. Jude’s Recovery Center | Atlanta, Georgia

St. Jude’s recovery center was founded in 1962. For more than 50 years, this recovery center has been a part of the GA community in Atlanta. This facility is fully accredited. It is one of the well-known centers that offer treatment to patients addicted to drugs due to homelessness or lack of income. The center has seven other facilities throughout Atlanta. It has a long history of transforming lives and helping society as a whole.


7- Benchmark Recovery Center | Austin, Texas

This treatment center is located in Austin, TX and has two separate facilities: one for serving men and the other for women. Benchmark Recovery Center can accommodate up to 58 clients at a time. With a success rate of 74%, the rehab facility employs a 12-step and a 90-day approach to treat individuals suffering from different drug addictions.

Benchmark tailors its services to fit the needs of every client. This is based on the recognition that every drug addict has special needs that require personalized care to achieve recovery.


8- Timberline Knolls Center | Lemont, Illinois

Timberline Knolls is well known for helping women overcome drug addiction. It encourages women to own the recovery process to achieve the best results. The facility focuses on treating PTSD, alcoholism, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. The center provides well inclusive treatment programs that include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma awareness, expressive, dialectical therapy, yoga, gardening, soccer, and dance therapy.


9- Riverwalk Ranch | Mansfield, Texas

Situated in Northern Texas, Riverwalk Ranch is one of the best rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts in the US. Its team considers addiction as a chronic disease that needs urgency in the recovery process. The recovery center provides a collaborative and individualized treatment plan for patients. Apart from offering a safe atmosphere, the center is committed to ensuring that patients are accorded good care and support during the treatment period.


10- 12 Keys | Jensen Beach, Florida

The 12 Keys rehab facility is located in the southern part of Florida at Jensen Beach. The center offers comfortable and safe detoxification medication to all its clients before the commencement of treatment. 12 Keys has a qualified team of trauma specialists, behavioral and psychological health therapists, and addiction counselors. This team helps patients to understand their addictions and begin the recovery process. 12 Keys is among the rehab centers in the US that offer holistic approaches to sobriety.


11- Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness | Draper, Utah

This center is located in Utah. It provides an ideal setting for people who need lasting healing. It has a very compassionate staff that helps in assessing the needs of the patients, finding a good support team and the correct treatment plans for them. Despite providing patients with specialized addiction treatment, this recovery and wellness center offers trauma-focused therapy and specialized PTSD. Deer Hollow center also provides intensive outpatient and residential drug treatment depending on the needs of the patient.


12-  Origins Recovery Centers | West Palm Beach, Florida

Origins offer inclusive treatments for various addictions including alcoholism, co-occurring disorders, and dependencies. Treatment is personalized to clients’ needs, and recovery programs span from 30 to 90 days. Origins facility maintains a low staff-patient ratio to offer high-quality healthcare. This rehab facility provides fitness activities, life skills training, and nutritional meals that help clients to experience healing in all aspects of life. By offering a step-down treatment program, Origins accelerate patients’ recovery and helps them to avoid relapse.


13- Seabrook House | Bridgeton, New Jersey

Located in Seabrook, NJ, this privately owned rehabilitation facility specializes in offering inpatient detox treatment to alcohol addicts. With centers in the Northeastern side of the US, the rehab facility enables alcohol addicts in those areas to easily access medical treatment. The facility uses both traditional and modern approaches, including yoga, meditation, reflexology, and acupuncture. Seabrook House aids patients in attaining successful recovery by helping them to manage their personal issues and stress, and re-learn certain life skills.


14- The Ranch | Nunnelly, Tennessee

The Ranch is located in Nunnelee, Tennessee and employs a unique way of treating patients who are addicted to alcohol. The center offers the tools required to discover individual spiritual and physical recovery. This enables patients to get fulfillment through nature. This experience makes patients learn how to explore nature by fishing, hiking, bonfires, canoeing, among others. The experience of exploring nature helps patients to forget drugs and eventually live a productive life.


15-Cirque Lodge | Orem, Utah

Cirque Lodge, which is located at Orem, Utah, provides individualized therapies and treatments which have been proved to be successful in treating alcohol addicts. The rehab center offers programs that enable clients to reconnect with both their body and mind. This enables them to find a new means of fighting any addiction using their strength and abilities.


16- Harmony Place  | Woodland Hills, California

This is one of the top addiction rehab centers in California designed for women only. The facility is situated in Woodland Hills, CA. Harmony Place has a skilled team of physicians who assist women in overcoming addictions by understanding their emotional and psychological setup first before commencing any other treatment. Besides, the team is respectful and compassionate as they carry out their tasks.


17- Sierra Tucson | Tucson, Arizona

This alcohol rehab center was founded in 1983. It has assisted many alcohol addicted patients to live a transformed life. The center has specialists who offer a holistic approach while treating alcoholic patients, including finding the underlying causes for addictions. At Sierra Tucson, patients are informed about the root cause of each of their disorders. This helps them to overcome the addictions affecting them.


18- Ashley Addiction Treatment | Havre de Grace, Maryland

This accredited facility is situated in Maryland. It provides customized programs that include medical detox, counseling, gender specialized treatment, relapse prevention, and holistic treatment, among others. The residential treatments are offered at Havre de Grace (main campus) while intensive outpatient programs are provided at Elkton and Bel Air.


19- The Treehouse | Scurry, Texas

The Treehouse is located in Texas, and it offers a multidisciplinary approach in addiction treatment. The center offers traditional treatments, wilderness rehab, and evidence-based intervention. Some of the customized programs offered at the facility include stress management, equine therapy, cognitive, and dialectical behavioral therapy.


20- Alo House Recovery Center | Malibu, California

This center is located in California. This facility is accredited, and it provides luxury rehabilitation programs. The center embraces the holistic and non-12-step approaches. The addiction interventions offered by the facility include recreational therapy, holistic treatment, group therapy, individual therapy, and medically supervised detox.