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Substance Abuse: Questions And Answers

Have you ever questioned your understanding of substance abuse and any other information related to it? There is a lot to learn about drugs and their potential harm.

+ What is drug addiction?

This is an extreme condition that makes one not able to perform his or her duties perfectly due to the need to use drugs over and over. This condition can be measured into stages from mild consumer to a severe consumer depending on how one constantly abuse a given drug.

+ What usually makes victims of drug abuse addicted?

This is one of the most questions you are likely to be asked if you are in a campaign or group study about the dangers of engaging in drug abuse. This question will also stir many answers since many will go wrong, answering it perfectly.

According to research records, this question has no proven answer; however, there are medical claims that addicts experience different rates of addiction due to the difference in their genes.

One’s environment may also determine addiction. Teens may be exposed to drugs, while others may have a hard time obtaining the drugs.

+ How fast can someone become addicted to a given drug?

There is no specific answer to this question since there are multiple reasons that may make one addicted to a given drug. These factors may be age, environment, type of drug abused, person genes, amount of the drug abused, and gender.

+ What are some of the symptoms that will show that one is an addict?

Symptoms related to drug abuse will vary depending on someone’s age, gender, type of drug abused, and amount of the drug abused. However, there are common symptoms that are likely to be experienced by many addicts. These symptoms include:

    • Change in sleep or sleep period.
    • Bloodshot eyes.
    • Change in appetite.
    • Quick weight gain or weight loss.
    • Unusual body odor or in clothes of an addict.
    • Constant mood swings and dislike to hobbies and some activities.

Addicts will always be prone to chaos from personal levels to legal levels. They may break marriages or even get sacked.

Addicts may also think they can halt abusing the drugs anytime they want; however, the truth is that they cannot easily pull out from the drugs unless they engage medical experts and begin treatment plans.

Whenever you notice addict symptoms in your friend or your family member, there is a need to alert other members and, together as a group, convince the addict to undergo rehabs.

+ Do unborn babies get infected with the drugs if the mother is an addict?

A pregnant woman who involves herself in drug abuse causes more harm to her unborn baby. Through the placenta, the baby will be exposed to dangerous chemicals resulting from the drug abused by the mother.

These effects on the unborn baby will always vary depending on the type of drug abused by the mother. Some of the effects may be miscarriages, babies with low weight, and brain disorder.

+ What is drug withdrawal, and how long does it last?

Whenever an individual alters the routinely amount of drug abuse or decides to quit a given drug, he or she will undergo several symptoms.

These symptoms will always vary on the period they will take depending on what type of drug the addict abused and what quantity.

Most withdrawal symptoms upon treatment may be suppressed by the use of medications such as sedatives and antidepressants that will enable an addict to relax.

+ What usually causes a hangover?

There are many reasons why someone may experience a hangover after drinking alcohol. One of the most likely reason is that alcohol dehydrates the body by forcing the body to get rid of a lot of body fluids. This act will always lead to headaches and muscle or joint pains.

+ Are video games more addictive than drugs?

Video games cannot be as addictive as drugs. Moreover, they do not have withdrawal symptoms whenever one quits playing them.

Video games are physically played while drugs are chemically consumed, making drugs more addictive than video games.

Individuals cannot play video games to the extent of losing their jobs or breaking their marriages. Video games also cannot make an individual intoxicated while drugs do.

+ Why is marijuana prescribed in some medical conditions?

Marijuana has never been approved to be prescribed to treat any medically related condition. A pill from the main substance that affects the brain has been made available to some conditions related to nausea, cancer chemotherapy and to reduce weight in victims who have HIV.

Some research points out that substances from marijuana, such as THC and cannabidiol, can be used to cure cancer, epilepsy, and addiction.

+ Do drugs infect animals?

Never experiment with the effects of drugs with your pets at home. Drugs have serious impacts on animals and may lead them to devastating conditions.

Like for instance, dogs are vulnerable to chocolates while in humans, it is a very pretty food.

Giving alcohol to your puppy or your dog will lead to a serious medical condition of lowering its blood pressure, lowering its body temperature, and may make it have breathing difficulties leading to its death.

Marijuana poisons animals, and it is evident after three hours with signs like low heart rate, breathing difficulties and vomiting, or even leading to a coma.

+ What are some of the drugs that are commonly abused?

There are many available drugs. However, some are commonly abused across the planet earth. This will always depend on the cost of the drug and its availability.

High school students are the well-known group for abusing drugs because of either adolescent stage or peer pressure that motivates them to do daring acts to be noticed from a crowd.

Commonly abused drugs include:

      • Marijuana
      • Cocaine
      • Sedatives
      • Hallucinogens
      • Cough medicines
      • Salvia
      • Ritalin
      • Adderall
      • Vicodin
      • Tranquilizers
      • Ecstasy