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Signs that You May Need Rehab Treatment

Life can get tough and sometimes we need a break. If we are not in a healthy mental space, then we may tend to turn towards harmful ways to destress ourselves like smoking weed or partaking in other types of drugs. Weed is a drug that basically helps a person think clearly and slows down the functioning of your brain. However, if one loses control of their dosage, then they can become an addict who can quite literally end their life at one point. Rehabilitation Centers or Rehabs offer treatments that pull people out of their worst addictions.

Some people prefer not to chose rehabs and try to break out of the addiction on their own. Very rare people with commendable self-discipline are able to while others keep going back to square one. The signs of a person needing a rehab treatment are not so subtle that a person may not be able to guess but, they might avoid admitting to it. They might think, “Oh! This is normal. I don’t need to go to rehab”.

The following are some telltale signs that you or someone you know needs to avail rehab treatment for their addiction:

Drugs have become their priority.

The first and most obvious sign of needing rehab treatment appears when drugs have become a part of someone’s routine or have entered their ‘to-do checklist’. If a drug is a priority, even if it is the last thing on your priority list, then you need to consider rehab. Furthermore, if drugs consume the majority, if not all of your thoughts, then it seems like you are on the road to an addiction that needs to be treated before it gets worse. If you are giving up your hobbies, interests, or if you are choosing to do drugs over spending time with your loved ones then again, a rehabilitation center should be your next stop.

It has started affecting your health negatively.

Occasional or recreational drugs do not seriously harm your health. Different types of substance addictions cause different health problems. For instance, addiction to alcohol for a longer period of time can cause different types of cancers and can permanently damage one’s liver. Addictions do not only affect one’s physical health but, also further jeopardizes their mental health. It makes a person feel lazy to the point that they end up losing everything, such as, their job, their family, and their friends. It can also cause depression or spike up their anxiety.

  It takes a lot to get you high or intoxicated.

When someone first starts to consume any substance, even a small amount could make them intoxicated or high. However, the more the person gets accustomed to the drug, their body requires more amount of it to get intoxicated. As time passes by the amount reaches a limit where it can be termed as ‘excessive’. That is when you should pull the plug and head over to a rehabilitation center.

You have failed at quitting on your own.

Relapse and recovery are the main elements of the process of quitting an addiction. Typically, at first, people try to quit on their own but, due to lack of discipline or motivation they fail. If you are one of them, then it’s time that you sign up for a rehab treatment because they are a lot more effective. Rehab treatment is curated after extensive research by experts who have studied thousands, if not millions of patients.

You have had a near to death experience due to drugs.

If you have nearly overdosed, even if it was unlike you, even if that was a mistake, even if you think that will not happen again, then you need a rehab treatment. Having near to death experiences due to substance abuse even if it is drunk driving is enough reason for you to consider going to a rehabilitation center. Just like illnesses, addictions should be treated in their fetus stage to avoid the worst.

Your family and friends are worried about your drug consumption.

Many a time, we do not realize how far we have gone near to destruction. We may think that we have got everything under control but, the third party or the bystanders are the ones who are actually able to see the whole picture. Hence, if your family and friends have shared their concerns with you about your drug or alcohol use, then a rehab treatment is a good idea. These people are not trying to annoy you because they have your best interests. The only reason that you are annoyed at them is that you know they are quite possibly right.

You are using drugs or alcohol to subside your mental trauma.

If life had been dealing you with the wrong cards and you have had to experience something horrible that has traumatized you then drug or alcohol abuse is not the answer. Using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain can cause you to depend on it which is why you need a rehab treatment to not only deal with your addiction but, also to deal with your unresolved trauma.

Your performance in all aspects of your life is suffering.

Drugs slow down your brain and make you want to give up on everything so you can stay in the constant relaxing state. On the other hand, drinking makes you very aggressive and can lead you in bad situations. If you have lacked at your job or school, or lacking as a parent, a child to your parents, or in any other sphere of life due to your drug or alcohol use, then you need a rehab treatment.

The above were the main telltale signs if you need a rehab treatment. Moreover, other signs include memory issues, change in appetite or sleep, neglecting yourself and your responsibilities, going over your budget to purchase drugs or alcohol.