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Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab


Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Insurance policies cover drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation. However, the coverage for these types of treatment varies depending on your policy and state.

You might incur a small out-of-pocket amount for the addiction treatment, or in some cases, incur the whole cost regardless of having medical insurance.

Aetna Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab


Aetna insurance began in 1853 and it is active in 50 states in America. Aetna’s network consists of 1.2 million medical experts, approximately 700,000 primary healthcare doctors and experts in more than 5700 hospitals.

Aetna insurance has approximately 46 million members who have joined the plan in dental insurance, vision insurance, and health insurance, among others.

Anthem Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab


Previously known as WellPoint, Anthem, Inc. is one of the largest healthcare companies in the US.This health insurance is the  provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield services in 14 states.

Anthem Insurance does provide addiction treatment services under behavioral healthcare plans. The level of coverage depends on your plan and can cover both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs.

Medicaid Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab


Drugs and alcohol rehabilitation programs are expensive, especially for low-income earners. Fortunately, Medicaid, a federal health insurance cover specially designed for low-income earners, covers addiction treatment services.

Medicaid can provide treatment services such as detox, therapy, and substance use disorders (SUDs) medication. Read on to find out more about Medicaid Insurance coverage for drugs and alcohol rehabilitation.

Medicare Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab


You have decided to quit alcohol or some other drug. Congratulations! But then you realize you might not be able to afford rehab and treatment.

Fortunately, some insurance providers such as Medicare cover drugs, and alcohol rehabs. However, some terms and conditions might disqualify you.

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