How Much Does Rehab Cost?
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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of substance and alcohol rehab varies from an individual’s preference in treatment. The available treatment options cater for everyone’s budget.

| Estimating the Price of Rehab

Rehabilitation centers will always vary in their possession; some are Governmental organizations while others are private organizations making them differ in prices of the services they offer to patients. The services preferred by an individual will also vary on the cost since some services will be provided free of charge by the institution while some will make one dig deep into their pockets for few minutes of consultations with a medical expert.

This should not get you mind-boggling on whether to seek treatment or not. You are the reason why the centers were built and you are at liberty to walk into any of the rehabilitation centers to seek clarifications regarding your addiction. Get assured that the medics will surpass your expectations by being so friendly and readily available to assist you in every step to undergo in order to break the bonds of addiction.

| Payment Methods Accepted for Rehabs

Are you medically covered by any insurance? Do you want to use your insurance to pay for the treatment? Luckily you are at your own will to use your insurance cover to cater to the treatment. You should clearly know the amount the insurance hold and the amount needed by the organization. Some rehabs will offer even financial assistance and avail alternative payment options available that behoove a patient.

Insurance organizations that may have addiction treatments under their services:

  • Government health insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Military insurance
  • Private insurance.

Do you lack insurance cover? No need to get worried. As said earlier, several payment options suit each individual’s income. You can opt to low rate rehabilitation centers and receive treatment.

Many rehabs will be so lenient to their inpatients in terms of financial aid by providing debts to assist them in walking away from their addictions. There should be no need to worry about the debt because once you have overcome addiction, money that was initially wasted on alcohol will be saved. An individual, after undergoing treatment, will win the battle against alcohol and become more responsible.

| Addictions and Cost Estimation

One’s preference for the services offered by the rehabilitation center will always alter the cost of the whole treatment. The costs will also contradict depending on the substance abused. The cost might also change from one rehabilitation to another. You should seek clarifications from the available rehabilitation centers to determine which will suit you better financially. Below are some approximation costs from available research results:

Outpatient Rehab

This program is slightly cheaper as compared to others, such as inpatient rehab. You should choose this whenever you have a low budget for the treatment. This program basically deals with minor addictions to moderate addictions. You should have at least $5000 for a three-month plan. One of the examples for this is situated Hazelden Betty Ford that charges $10000 for outpatient rehab. You should also know that the cost also varies on how often you visit the rehabilitation center each week.

Inpatient Rehab

This program approximately will make an individual spend $6000 for a month program. Many available rehabilitation centers will always charge up to $20000 for a month. You can also opt for a 60 or 90 days program that will also cost you from $12000 to $60000.


When you abuse a substance that has a higher degree of detox, you will spend more because a high level of attention will be given to you. Research states that many inpatients have detox in their programs. However, outpatients will spend from $1000 to $1500.


One’s preferences on which medications to take always escalates the cost of the treatment. Medications always deliver victims who abuse opiate and alcohol. Medications always go for a year, and this makes individuals spend thousands of dollars. If you abuse Heroin, you will spend $4700 under methadone treatment.

| Does Rehab Cost Much More as Compared to Substance Abuse?

Weighing the amount an individual spend on substance abuse as compared to the cost of rehabs is a very easy task. Substance like alcohol will make one drink so many cans that are also expensive. One will waste a good sum of money because he or she is an addict, and they have to get intoxicated almost every day.

Addicts more often stumble on the chaos that always ruins them. They always offer low-quality standard jobs leading them to get sacked. Addicts can also experience health issues that will finally ruin their lives and make them spend thousands of dollars seeking for treatment of diseases such as organ failures.

This simple calculation will help us know the least money an addict will spend in one year. An addict who gulps 12-pack cans a day will spend almost over $3000 yearly. It is harder to predict this because the alcohols depend on the costs and amounts each addict takes a day varies. Some of the substances abused are very expensive.

| Reasons Why Addiction  Costs Varies

Addiction costs will always vary due to many reasons. Some of the dominant reasons are discussed below:

The treatment selected by an individual

This will depend on the drug an individual abuse, and the dangers upon withdrawal. Some drugs have a high level of detox, and this forces one to pay more since he or she will be closely monitored. Substances such as heroin and alcohol always record higher levels of detox, while Cocaine users will pay less amount because they don’t suffer detox upon withdrawal.


Rehabilitation centers will always different levels of facilities as some being posh or middle level. Facilities may include things like Swimming pool, different sports courts, libraries, entertainment devices, and well vast rooms. The more the posh facilities, the higher the rehab cost will always be.

Type of Rehabilitation Center

The cost an inpatient will pay will always be more than that of an outpatient. The inpatient will get more services such as housing and exploiting the center facilities making them pay a higher amount of money. The cost will also vary on the treatment plan chosen by an individual, such as the period the treatment will take.

Governmental, Community and Nonprofit Rehabs

You may lack insurance cover or even the amount for treatment at private rehabilitation centers. This should not worry you because you can switch your attention to governmental, community, and nonprofit rehabs. These rehabilitation centers will provide treatment services at reduced costs or free of charge! One of the common nonprofit organizations is the Salvation Army that provides free rehabs for individuals.

| Begin Your Treatment Now!

After taking your time reading the whole article, don’t hesitate seeking help to be normal again. Surge forward and get your treatment plan! Let financial constraints pull you back as several payment options will meet your income rate. If you have an insurance cover, then make a move and begin consulting with medical experts on how to go through your addiction treatment. Select your preferred Rehabilitation center and ask on the amount it will cost you for the whole treatment.