How Can Rehab Treat Addiction
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How Can Rehab Treat Addiction?

Upon visiting a rehabilitation center, medical experts will explain to you how the whole treatment is done. However, I will give a tip of the iceberg!

It is not unusual to see people knocking at rehabilitation doors seeking assistance over addiction. All kinds of people will always come for help no matter the financial status and personalities. History has it that substance addicts used to stay in a rehabilitation center for one month. This phenomenon has changed of late where since insurance companies no longer cater for addiction treatment in the services they offer to their subscribers.

This has made addiction treatment to be more expensive for many addicts. How will people with low income have access to these services? No need to worry about that since the right answer is yes.  Addicts of low income have a chance to opt for another alternative treatment plan of outpatients. The outpatients’ plan is a good deal since it is relatively affordable.

| How Does Rehab Operates?

At some point, nature balances things to the same equilibrium! Here is one of the ways where the law of nature is seen. Every step to solving an addiction will apply to everyone no matter the financial status. This is where the rich and the poor will equally receive the same attention and care.

These are some of the dominant steps addicted individual will undergo:

  • Diagnosis

Addicts always suffer other problems such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and sleep disorders. Some other problems may be difficult life experiences such as being rape victims. These psychiatric problems cannot be traced to be the sole purpose of why the addict began abusing the drugs.

  • Detoxification

Some addicts of substances such as alcohol experience detox upon withdrawal and require maximum attention and care. This might force an addict to spend at least three days as an inpatient in order to undergo detox observations. Withdrawal might exhibit symptoms that are new to an individual and this will force them to take some days to adapt to the new conditions.

  • Family Therapy

Addicts always problems in their reputations with others and even family members. The addicts will be exposed to family programs that will try to bring peace and promote love in the broken ties. Family members will also play an important role in encouraging the addicts to overcome the addiction. This will also make the addict have a clear conscience and feel he or she is not alone in the fight to become sober.

  • Cognitive Therapy

This program will help make an addict understand which situations make him or her prone to substance abuse. These situations may vary depending on the addict. Some are prone to substance abuse after domestic violence in unstable relationships while other addicts may be prone to substance abuse after failing to achieve a given goal at work. This will enable the addict to realize the available solutions to these problems. For example, an addict will set goals that he or she can easily achieve hence avoiding depression that will later lead to substance abuse.

  • Medication

Methadone is one of the medicines that are prescribed to addicts to end their cravings for drugs such as alcohol and heroin. This will make an addict quit substance abuse and enjoy being sober. However, medication always takes a long time such as a year to fully deliver an addict. Suboxone is also another medicine used to deliver an addict from heroin and prevent withdrawal effects.

  • Introduction to 12- step program

Many centers will ask addicts to attend alcoholics anonymous or even other joint therapy after receiving treatment for a year. Some centers organize group meetings to their patients after a month or even two months.

| How Addicts get immersed into Addiction?

Just as stated before, drug addicts will always undergo similar experiences while intoxicated. Be it the poor or the rich will have the same results. Can addiction be the inability of one to have self-control? For you to understand this in-depth, you will have to know how addiction works and there after you can weigh on the effectiveness of the treatments addicts receive.

After several research and consultations, medical professionals conclude that there is a possibility of addiction being a brain disease as confirmed by Gordon. There is also a contradicting suggestion that states that addiction is also affected by an individual’s behavior. The behavioral component makes addiction more similar to other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Unfortunately, since the invention of medicines, they have never recorded success in treating these kinds of diseases. The available solution is long term treatment.

| Amid higher payments for Inpatient do they really benefit?

Recently insurance companies withdrew addiction treatments to their patients based on the high costs of the 30-days stay at the rehabilitation center. This has made addicts spend a lot of money for their treatment. There is also hope that some insurance companies will accept addiction treatment at rehabilitation centers that offer low amenities hence reduced costs.

Inpatients are more likely to be the lucky lot since they receive the best services a rehabilitation center can offer in addict treatment. Inpatients addicts also have more chances of being sober as soon as possible. An inpatient program will also help those with devastating conditions such as street kids and homeless single mothers because they will be housed and enjoy the amenities provided by the rehabilitation center. Addicts who also come from families experiencing constant disputes are better of when they get an inpatient program because they will live comfortably and have a peace of mind during the treatment stay at the rehabilitation center.

| Expensive Cost of Addiction Treatment

The main factor that triggers the high cost of addiction treatment is the amenities provided by a given rehabilitation center. Facilities such as swimming pools, gym, entertainment devices, and different sports courts will absolutely shoot the addiction treatment cost because they make the addicts more comfortable while staying at the rehabilitation center.

Are you looking for a good rehabilitation center? Make inquiries from your friends, relatives or even doctor. Go for a rehabilitation center that has approved medical experts and that also provides psychiatric services besides the treatment.

| Do you want to lower your ego to the carpet level?

Celebrities and other public figures may be lucky to afford posh rehabilitation centers though they experience difficult problems in their lives and needs to be sober.

Celebrities always have a busy schedule hindering their availability as they walk into concerts with fellow friends and will feel down whenever they miss these concerts to attend addiction treatment. Many of their friends will find this awkward and change their view on an individual as he or she misses the liquor parties.

Many of the rich individuals are very difficult to treat as they have achieved so much in life and sees that there is no need to become sober. Many of the addicts that are rich also often claim that they rationalized their substance abuse hence do not pull them back in carrying out official tasks such as meetings. This makes them feel that they have never failed in whatever task they have because of substance abuse.