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All Signs You May Be an Alcoholic

Several common signs can prove that one is an alcoholic. However, some signs may not be that easy to realize. Some people also prefer drinking alcohol in private places to avoid being noticed. This move will always make one very hard to get help from friends or even family members.

Many individuals are not heavy drinkers. They think taking alcohol in small portions is not an issue of concern. These groups may later turn to be worse than before by becoming addicts of alcohol and end up consuming gallons per day. This will be difficult to treat as compared to if the individual began receiving treatment at the early stages. There is a need for one to decide and receive treatment because there are better things in the life of being sober.

| Do You Experience these common signs of Alcohol Abuse?

If you have ever observed these signs happening to you then you may need to urgently walk into a clinic of your choice and seek clarification with a medical expert on the best treatment plan that will suit you.

If you ignore it as a minor issue then you may later get the tides very rough to sail in and eventually you will be a shipwreck. Whenever you will lose control of the number of cans you gulp each day then your daily routine will be rescheduled by continuous problems.

You will be inviting a sack full of problems. This will begin at the family level to the legal level. In order to keep everything in control, it is advisable to begin medication immediately after realizing the signs.

Here is a list of most likely symptoms you will notice if you are an alcoholic:

  • Feeling of hangover whenever you skip drinking.
  • Preferring to create time for drinking to other pending duties.
  • Lone wolf; drinking privately.
  • Lack of interest in friends and family members.
  • Drinking to free yourself from burdens such as stress.
  • Having extreme mood swings.

Remember no matter how minor the symptom is, do not assume since it will gradually grow to a more serious issue that will take time to crack.


| Are You in Doubts over Alcoholism?

Due to unavailable method to determine whether one is an alcoholic, symptoms might also be difficult to interpret, there is an alternative to opt to. This will help you tell whether you are an alcoholic or not.

CAGE (cut-annoyed-guilty-eye) is a questionnaire that will aid you in estimating your drinking intensity. I f your reply become yes to two or more cage questions then you should urgently seek consultation with a medical expert.

CAGE consists of only four questions that you need to sincerely answer:

  • Have you ever experienced any feeling of regret for drinking?
  • Has someone ever got you upset by teasing you of your drinking habits?
  • Have you ever imagined staying a life of sobriety?
  • Have you ever taken a drink in the morning to refresh on your previous day drink or to shut hangover?

Upon deciding to seek medical aid after falling in the trap of the CAGE from your clinic of choice, the doctor may ask you some questions to understand your current situation and give you an appropriate prescription.

Here are some of the questions that will need guanine answers:

  • Have you experienced any signs of alcohol withdrawal in an attempt to quit alcohol?
  • Have you ever felt cravings for alcohol?
  • Have you ever lost desires in your previous hobbies and other activities just after you began drinking?
  • Have you ever been to legal problems due to alcohol?
  • Have you at any moment exceeded your normal quantity?
  • Have you at one time denied to quit drinking even after being warned it may cause you medical problems?

| Risks of Alcoholism?

Absolutely alcohol has several side effects from personal problems to legal problems. Consuming alcohol at a higher rate and for a long time makes the individual susceptible to complicated health problems.

Trying to play smart and think you will finally win in the game of being an alcoholic is one of the wrong moves you will be making. As time goes by you will realize that you cannot rationalize alcohol consumption as you intended.

Accept that being an alcoholic is a path many fears to tread since it will be full of downs than ups. There should be no room for excuses and alternatives regarding alcohol abuse. Making up your mind to quit alcohol will invite many good fortunes to come your way as you fight your way to sobriety.

| Are You a Teenager?

You may be battling peer pressure but soon you find yourself carried away by the tornado. Many of the teens as revealed by the latest research have engaged in alcohol abuse.

There are many reasons that may make a teen begin abusing alcohol. These miserable teens have no information regarding the abuse of alcohol after a long period in relation to their health.

Some of the teens get involved in alcohol abuse due to weird reasons such as having fun, the curiosity of how it feels when intoxicated and please their peers.

  • Having Fun

To many of the matured addicts of alcohol, their main goal is to have fun while under the influence of alcohol. As many of the teens are school-going, they may try to break the boredom in school and annoying studies by taking alcohol. They lose their honor of sobriety and become slaves of alcohol that denies them good health and happy moments altered by extreme mood swings.

  • The curiosity of how it feels when intoxicated

Teens usually think there are benefits in consuming alcohol since they usually come to contact with banners shouting the new brands of alcohol in the market and whenever the price of given alcohol is lowered.

This will make the teens think there is a need to explore the alcohol world and soon he or she will be trapped into the miseries of becoming an addict.

  • Please their Peers

Many will always do the most daring acts to gain confidence from their peers and be noticed from a crowd. Consuming alcohol will just be a walk in the park for a teen.

| Thinking About Being Sober?

If this thought pops up in your mind then you are at a better position of undergoing alcohol treatment. Simply walk into your desired clinic and seek clarification from the doctor of the best treatment plan that suits you and begin your steps to regain your lost glory of being sober.