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Aetna Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Aetna Insurance Covering For Drug & Alcohol Rehab


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Disclaimer: We do strive to provide the most accurate and updated information about the addiction treatment insurance coverage of each provider. However, policy changes, as well as errors, do occur. So, confirm with your health insurance provider the level of your coverage.

Aetna Insurance

Drug abuse and alcohol treatment have continued to evolve. Unlike in the past, modern treatment settings allow patients going through rehabilitation to integrate rehab into their lives. However, some of the treatment plans are too expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

This makes rehabilitation insurance covers vital because they help patients to access specialized treatment without paying so much. Aetna insurance constitutes one of the providers that offer rehab covers for drugs and alcohol.

Aetna insurance began in 1853 and it is active in 50 states in America. Aetna’s network consists of 1.2 million medical experts, approximately 700,000 primary healthcare doctors and experts in more than 5700 hospitals. Aetna insurance has approximately 46 million members who have joined the plan in dental insurance, vision insurance, and health insurance, among others.

You Can Use Aetna Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab

Aetna provides a variety of health insurance plans, including copay-only, high deductible, and open –access. All these health plans can help the patients to pay for their drug rehab. However, both the coverage costs and options can differ. You can use the company’s online tool to access the coverage details. You can also contact Aetna customer service support to find out whether the program that you want is covered by the health plan you have chosen.

Open-access health plans permit a person to choose doctors. With this kind of plan, you will not need any referral or primary care expert.

High-deductible medical plans cater to the preventive services before meeting the deductible. Sometimes this plan can cover a patient through the visits to your primary care doctor right before meeting the deductible.

Copay-only medical plans guarantee your costs only after you have paid the deductible. Also, generic drugs and visits to your primary care doctors are covered even before you pay your deductible.

Aetna provides several local plans that are supported by the providers’ national network to ensure that patients are effectively helped at a community level.

Aetna Covers Alcohol and Drug & Rehab

You can use your Aetna member account to know more concerning your health cover. This is made possible through our online program that permits you to access your health cover details. You can also look for providers, make claims about your rehabilitation insurance cover, and much more.

Aetna users get access to various resources by simply logging into their member accounts. Another way to find service providers is to get to the Find a Doctor section. In doing so, you will have access to information regarding different kinds of providers. This includes centers and professionals that treat drug addiction and abuse.

Besides, Aetna has a virtual health assistant. So patients can have all their general health questions answered, including inquiries concerning Aetna coverage. Aetna also has a mobile app that helps patients to manage their health from their convenience.

Regarding behavioral and mental health conditions, patients have access to various professionals. These include primary care physicians, therapists, counsellors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychologists.

This service is offered because mental health illnesses may co-occur alongside drug abuse. It is thus vital for a patient to deal with any psychiatric condition while seeking care for drug addiction and abuse.

Aetna Rehabilitation Insurance

Aetna insurance cover grants you access to the following drug and alcohol treatments:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Detoxification
  • Residential or inpatient rehabilitation
  • Continuing care programs
  • Partial hospital treatment

You can either consult an Aetna representative or check your plan to know your rehabilitation insurance coverage level, that is, concerning out-of-network health providers.

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