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10 Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

Nobody expects to get injured or sick. But sometimes people find themselves injured or in hospitals battling life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart attack. The good news is that many rehab hospitals can help people to get back home and carry on with normal life.

Rehabilitation is very important to patients who are in the process of recovering. It helps to restore the normal functionality of the body, thereby enabling individuals to live comfortably and do their work. It is vital to seek the services of the best rehabilitation hospitals to realize the desired outcome.

Here are the top rehab hospitals in the US.

1- Shirley Ryan Lab

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

Shirley Ryan lab was formerly an institute of rehabilitation in Chicago. According to the world report and US News, the facility has continuously ranked among the best rehab hospitals in the US for the last 24 years. It has 182 beds and 57 doctors who are specialist in rehab medicine.

The hospital caters for patients with different rehab needs, including chronic pain, stroke recovery, brain injuries, neurological, and prosthetics disorders. The core mission of this clinic is to integrate scientific discovery, research, and education. It is one of the best rehabilitation clinics that are accredited by the rehabilitation commission – CARF.


2- Shepherd Center

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

This facility stands out among other rehab hospitals in the USA for being the only one with an ICU onsite. Located in Atlanta, GA, it provides rehab services immediately after a victim experiences spinal or traumatic brain injuries. This rehabilitation facility has a 100-bed capacity. Besides, it is renowned as one of the top rehab hospitals in the country because of its long-term care services.

Shepherd Center is CARF-accredited and is a treatment center of choice for people with permanent or short-term disabilities brought about by injuries. It supports patients to rebuild their lives, including advocating for their inclusion in different aspect of life in the community. This rehab center also promotes injury prevention and safety in society.


3- Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

Kessler Institute was founded in West Orange, New Jersey. The hospital has 336 beds. It is best recognized as a rehabilitation center offering programs such as brain injury, amputation, spinal cord injury, stroke, cardiac events and orthopaedics, among others. The record shows that it has 6869 or more admissions every year.

The staff who work here are friendly and compassionate. Apart from being one of the top rehab hospitals, Kessler institute emphasises so much on its core values which include excellence, respect, compassion, teamwork and achievement. It is best known for using a holistic approach in treating its patients.


4- Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

This is a large rehabilitation facility located in Charlestown, MA.  It is the best rehab hospital for patients suffering from spinal or brain injuries that come about as a result of being paralysed. Spaulding rehabilitation hospital is an affiliation of Massachusetts General Hospital. It offers clinical, outpatient and inpatient care.

This hospital also provides specialised treatment to patients with neuromuscular disorders. The hospital has 196 beds and has employed 8 doctors who are specialists in rehab medicine. The treatment facility is dedicated to the advancement of research and health education. Also, this facility provides treatment specialities, including burn rehab, adaptive sports, paediatrics, hand conditions and pain management.


5- MossRehab

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

Located in Elkins Park, PA, MossRehab offers a variety of outpatient programs that enables people to resume their normal daily living. This includes a cardiac center, vestibular and balance center, and a re-entry program, which treats persons that have suffered from traumatic brain injuries.

Besides, the health facility provides other services relating to stroke, spinal cord injury, communication disorders, prosthetics, and amputation. MossRehab is the biggest independent treatment facility in the Philadelphia region. It has earned a good reputation for providing programs of high excellence that usually result in beyond-average outcomes.


6- TIRR Memorial Hermann

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

This health facility is Located in Houston, and is accredited by CARF. It has 119 beds and has 7 physicians who are specialised in rehab services. This hospital provides a variety of rehabilitation services to adults, teens and children. TIRR Memorial Hermann is well known for its specialised program in brain and stroke injury rehabilitation.

However, the facility also offers other rehab and therapies such as cancer rehabilitation, physical, aquatic, occupational, speech, music, walking therapy and mobility assessment, among others. In addition, TIRR Memorial is a teaching institution for Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas medical school located in Houston.


7- University of Washington Medical Center

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

The University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) is located in Seattle, WA. It has 450 beds and 14 doctors who are specialists in rehab medicine. According to the world report and U.S news, University of Washington Medical Center is the fifth top rehab hospital for treating cancer.

The hospital has a campus known as Harborview Campus which offers rehabilitation training alongside medical fields such as otolaryngology, neuroscience, and orthopaedics. UWMC is known as the best academic medical institution that delights itself on community involvement. The facility is known for taking part in award-winning faculties including winning a nobel prize in medicine and physiology.


8- Mayo Clinic

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

Mayo Clinic is among the top rehab hospitals in the region. The facility is headquartered in Rochester with subsidiaries Phoenix, Jacksonville, and Scottsdale. The hospital also offers its services on a worldwide level.  At Rochester, Mayo Clinic has 1132 beds and 68 doctors who are well skilled in rehabilitation medicine.

This top rehab center takes care of adults, teens and children. It specializes in treating a variety of illnesses, including cancer, cardiac problems, and diabetes, among others. Also, this facility has a research team that is skilled in certain rehabilitations fields such as neurological and musculoskeletal.


9- Rusk Langone center

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

Located in New York, Rusk Langone is part of the New York University. It has 791 beds and 65 physicians who are well-versed in rehabilitation medicine. According to the world report and the U.S News, this medical center is ranked high because of having rehab programs for various problems including cardiology, heart surgery, cancer, neurology, psychiatry, and orthopaedics. In addition, Rusk Langone offers services relating to brain injury, stroke, limb loss, and paediatric therapies.


10- Craig Hospital

Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation

This prestigious hospital is situated in Englewood, CO. The hospital has 68 beds and 8 rehabilitation physicians. The hospital takes pride in offering quality outpatient services. It is focused on performance, exercise, attitude and knowledge (PEAK). The facility provides wellness activities and therapies for patients having neurologic disorders. Also, the facility offers the NeuroRecovery Network to patients with spinal cord injuries.

Craig hospital puts its focus on teamwork through empowering patients and making sure that they own their treatment program. This facility offers additional programs including physical, occupational and respiratory therapies; therapeutic recreation; TBI and spinal rehab.


Wrap Up

Although there are countless treatment facilities out there, the above list constitutes some of the best rehabilitation hospitals in the US. They offer different services to cater to a wide variety of needs. Regardless of whether your needs are centered on programs offered, experienced physicians, price, or location, these top rehab clinics will fulfill them satisfactorily.