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10 Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in New York City

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the biggest dilemmas across the United States of America. Thousands of people get mentally or physically sick every year by becoming drug addicts. But they hardly receive any treatment and hence, are unable to get back to their normal lives. The worst part of the matter is that the young generation, i.e., people between the ages of 18 to 25, are most likely to become drug addicts.

According to a report, more than 700,000 Americans died from overdosing on a drug from 1999 to 2017. Ninety percent of the drug and alcohol addicts started drinking alcohol even before they were 18 years old, which is highly shocking.

These numbers are alarmingly dangerous. The earlier they become addicts, the harder it becomes for them to recover. It is a huge concern for a nation whose public starts drinking alcohol and using drugs at such an early age. To cope with this situation, several rehabilitation centers are working days and nights in the U.S. Following are a few alcohol rehabs in New York. So, continue reading this article without further ado, surely there is a lot more information.

1- Caron in New York City

Caron is the regional recovery center located in New York, and it offers several services. It makes the pre-assessments of the addict and provides consultations to collaborate with the family of the addict to plan for the next step. It also advises the people who are looking for the treatment of themselves or their loved ones and plans a suitable way to rehab them. Moreover, it also teaches young kids in schools and communities to help them acknowledge the demerits of drug addiction.


2- Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

The foundation works on the drug and alcohol rehabs for all types of addicts, including inpatient and outpatient addicts. It aims to treat the addicts in all possible ways, such as by providing group therapy, chemical health assessments, mental health assessments, family program participation, spiritual care, educational and experiential workshops, and many others. Through all these treatments, the foundation cures hundreds of addicts every year.


3- New York Center for Living

It is one of the best New York rehab centers as it carries several plans to treat the drug and alcohol addicts to transform them into normal citizens. It is a focused family plan that helps the addict get fast rehab as his family is also involved during the therapy. Moreover, its individualized plans treat the addicts by focusing entirely on the addict and providing him with medically supported detox that initiates fast recovery.


4- Parallax Center Inc

This incorporation focuses on outpatients to provide them with the treatment they need. Living conditions are made better, and the addicts are advised on how to avoid using the environment they are used to live in. Normally, addicts find it easy to follow the guidance and treatment the corporation offers and also get ready to attend the school for proper guidance and alcohol rehab.


5- Phoenix House: Queens – Parkside

It is a nonprofit organization that aims to help the drug and alcohol addicts recover through the organization’s drug and alcohol rehabs. It also aims to treat the outpatients by providing them with a very manageable recovery process after diagnosing them. Moreover, the organization also helps addicts recover their psychological problems, including anger, behavioral issues, depression, and more.


6- Arms Acres

Arms Acres is one of the rehabilitation centers that have a clear plan to treat drug addicts. It aims to help the inpatients and outpatients through the detox program, adult rehabilitation, family treatment program, fitness, and recreation program, and more. With the availability of expert doctors and caring nursing staff, the addicts recover very fast.


7- Phoenix House – Brooklyn Community Recovery Center

Phoenix House is one of those New York rehab centers that have a history of treating several drug addicts every year who become able to overcome substance and alcohol abuse to get back to their normal life. The institution provides wonderful services to inpatients and outpatients, treatment for military personnel and their families, and more. Also, all addicts receive the utmost care, and the majority of them recover very fast.


8- Odyssey House

Odyssey House is determined to give its best to all types of inpatients and outpatients, helping them recover from the drug addiction as soon as possible. It has got separate treatment programs for women and children, adults, young adults, and seniors, etc. The House works on the addicts’ mental health, medical care, education and job training, recovery coaching, and a lot more, making it one of the best institutions to recover the drug addicts.


9- Addiction Care Interventions (ACI) 

ACI is a group of counselors, psychiatrists, internists, and nurses who are passionate about assisting the people who are in a struggle with substance abuse. ACI aims to treat both inpatients and outpatients through its valuable treatment methods that include suboxone treatment, detox, rehab, and addiction medicine, etc.


10- Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai – Mount Sinai West

Mount Sinai is determined to assist your loved ones to recover from drug and alcohol addiction by providing its wonderful services to all the inpatients and outpatients. The institute treats the addicts through its medication-assisted treatment programs, adolescent and young adult programs, and research programs that are designed for all the age groups separately. Moreover, its educational events create an opportunity to help drug addicts recover very fast.


These rehabilitation centers are doing a great job to help people who become victims of drug addiction. But a certain department or a few New York rehab centers can’t cover a major issue. The whole community will have to work hard to remove drug addiction from young people. Individuals need to be treated carefully by their families, and their parents must listen to the problems they are facing inside or outside their homes.

Spreading awareness through electronic and social media can be a great idea to help the addicts. Lastly, but most importantly, the accessibility to drugs and alcohol must be made very difficult to impossible for the under-aged people. By following these few ideas, we can prevent many people from becoming drug addicts. So we hope this article will help you understand the 10 best alcohol and drug rehab centers in New York City!